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About Jessica

Jessica Frieling is a true artist in every sense of the word. Starting on stage at the age of 3, she has grown up in and around the artistic community her entire life!

Armed with experience in the theatre, film, television, and fashion industries, she is uniquely equipped to take on any challenge you may throw at her. Be it designing makeup for your fashion show, art direction for your photo shoot, or creating a custom look for your band, Jessica is not only ready, but eager to take it all on!

Jessica first picked up a camera when she was a little girl, when her grandmother gave her her first camera. Some of her favorite memories were of saving up her money to go buy film and flashcubes (yes, flashcubes!) at the store, as she was always taking pictures. By junior high she had graduated from the small camera to her fathers 35mm Cannon and had begun taking photography classes. She was entranced by the whole process of developing film and photos and had begun spending quite a bit of time in the darkroom experimenting and learning. Once she hit high school, she was still working with photography, and was an active member of the photo club and was still often found in the dark room!

After high school she was gifted with her first digital camera, and a whole new world of possibilities was at her fingertips! Starting first with her small digital camera, and eventually graduating to her first Nikon DSLR, she began taking pictures of her friends and family every chance she could! Obsessed with not only photography, but makeup as well, she moved to California in 2005 to study makeup at the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, and graduated as a master makeup artist and began working in film and television before she even graduated!

Still taking photography classes along the way, she began to build her portfolio and realized just how much fun it was to not only take pictures, but to style them as well. Utilizing all her skills, in addition to taking the photographs, she also does all the hair, makeup, styling, and editing for her photo shoots!

During this time, she has also been very active in the theatre community, not only as a performer, but also as a director, assistant director, musical director, costumer, technician, producer, and of course makeup director. Some of her favorite productions she’s been a part of are RENT, where she appeared as the Seasons’s of Love Soloist, Smokey Joe’s Café, where she appeared as Brenda, Annie, where she appeared as Grace Farrell, and Gerry Cullity’s In the Kingdom of Clouds where she acted as Director, musical director, costumer, and has also appeared as Cumulous, and Dolcus.

A friend, and avid supporter of the music community, you can hear voice as well as the music of several of her friends on this site! Be sure to check out their bands on the Links page!